BayHealth Custom Printed Magnetic with Folding Whiteboards

96”W x 36”H Open  | 48”W x 36”H Closed

The BayHealth custom printed magnetic whiteboard, with folding whiteboards, is a great way to quickly provide a visual assessment of the in-house SQDC process. Because of its bright graphics, the Dry Erase Board is easy to read and attractive. The winged attached whiteboards provide additional room to add input to this process. When closed, the winged boards form side by side whiteboards. Because of the folding sideboards, it creates a harmonious message that communicates with its staff for immediate feedback on ways they are providing a LEAN environment.

The use of the wings doubles your space without sacrificing wall space. The two winged configurations provide five whiteboard magnetic surfaces.

BayHealth Custom Printed Magnetic with Folding Whiteboards
96″ W x 36″ Opened
BayHealth Custom Printed Magnetic with Folding Whiteboards
48”W x 36”H Closed

As adaptive and useful the winged folding whiteboards are, you can add even more customizations to your project to suit your own needs.

Here are some customizable ideas:

  • 1 or 2 wing
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Mobile or wall mounted
  • Tackboard option: This option is self-colored and accepts push pins
  • Acrylic Front Option: The acrylic boards on the outside wings are transparent, so when the product is closed you can view the information on the enclosed boards.
  • Locking it: We can provide a lock to secure your info on your white board information remains untouched and secure. Combined with the Acrylic Front Option is a popular combination.
Magnetic Wingboard on Mobile Stand Custom Printed

Made to order for @BayhealthDE, Contact us at or (888) 393-7795 to discuss your own creation or order your own Custom Printed Magnetic Folding Wingboards!