Lean Visual Management Tools

Lean Visual Management

Lean Visual Management Tools are vital to allow you to fully implement your CI project and get everyone on board. Download LEAN Catalog.

Visual Communication is central to Lean 5S projects. Because we are a leading manufacturer of Visual Communication solutions, Magiboards can provide you with exactly the solution you need in your project.

A list of Lean Visual projects include:

  • SQDC
  • KPI
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Kaizen
  • Story Boards
  • Obeya Rooms
  • Morning Meeting Cells
  • 5S Cleaning Stations
  • 5S Audit
  • Takt
  • TPM
  • Corrective Action

We can create a custom solution to suit your process and your environment.

Turn your carefully thought out CI visuals into highly professional finished artwork with our friendly, in-house graphic design team. Magiboards USA will help you during your journey of continuous improvement, developing the visual management products you need to run your business effectively and profitably.

We also offer a huge range of Lean and Continuous Improvement Accessories, including board marking and cleaning products, magnetic indicators, T-Card panels, magnetic Safety Crosses, document and label display accessories. All products tailored to the specific use of Lean processes. And if it’s not part of our standard range we can make it for you.

Contact an Account Executive today at (888) 393-7795 or Click on the Get Free Quote Button to get a custom no obligation quote.

SQDCP Wall Mounted Whiteboards

SQDCP Wall Mounted Whiteboards

There are various ways to achieve your wall mounted SQDC board. We can take your custom printed SQDCP whiteboard design and produce this for you. Some companies choose to print everything, others prefer to print the SQDCP headers, the Safety Cross and then use our magnetic paper holder windows in letter tabloid size. Alternatively, we can supply magnetic headers on the whiteboard along with your company logos. Our self adhesive paper holder windows will display your information professionally and you will be able to continually improve your whiteboards.

SQDC Whiteboards on Rotating Stands

SQDC Whiteboards on Rotation Stands

The SQDC Whiteboards are available as a standard four sided or three sided rotating board on a fixed heavy duty circular base. As an option, we can install lockable wheels to the base. A fourth display area can be useful to show general information. We manufacture all of the stands in our factory in the United States. Special designs and sizes are available to suit your needs.

Meeting Stations Visual Management SQDCP

Meeting Stations

Our meeting stations are made of magnetic coated steel whiteboards with a 10 year surface guarantee. We offer both standard half height and full height magnetic whiteboards. Meeting stations are double sided, so you can have one side with custom print and the reverse side as a plain whiteboard. We can also do any configuration of print/plain magnetic whiteboard to suit your needs. All our wheels are heavy duty and will include one lockable wheel per upright.


Cleaning Stations

If you send us your cleaning equipment or tools, we will produce a cleaning station or tool station shadow board. (Tools will be returned, once the friendly graphic designers have finished laying out your design) 5S Cleaning stations can be mounted to the wall or on a mobile or fixed stand


Paper Holder Windows

Professionally display important documents with our Paper Holder Windows. There are three types of document holders.

  • Magnetic solo (see image) magnetically attaches to the whiteboard surface.
  • Duo Repositionable self adhered paper holders can be repositioned with the benefit of leaving no residue or marks on your whiteboard.
  • Self adhesive Duo attaches to the whiteboard with self adhesive tape (already fixed to the paper holder in the factory) and the front window magnetically opens to allow you to easily insert your papers.
  • The Solo Paper Holder Windows are cheaper but the Duo Paper Holder Windows do not move from their allocated position and can be fitted by our team in the factory for you.

Colored frames and different sizes are available.


Magnetic Accessories

Improve visual communication throughout your company with our range of magnetic accessories. Some of our magnetic accessories are in traffic light themed colors and also in a variety of sizes. Our Printed Memo Magnets are 36mm diameter, are in red, yellow and green, in 6 different print options, giving you the flexibility you need.

We can supply plain magnets, a range of pre-printed magnets or custom printed and custom sizes. The flat magnets with heavy duty grade material is available as double sided red/green magnets. The double sidedness conversely saves time and storage.

Why contact Magiboards?

  • We are a proven manufacturer of whiteboards, custom printed whiteboards and Lean Visual industrial stands.
  • Our in house graphic designers will work with your team. We will supply visuals to scale with size dimensions, therefore everything you need to reassure you that your design will work.
  • We have a range of accessories to accompany your lean visual boards. Some of our accessories include magnets, paper holder windows, custom printed magnets in any size and shape.
  • Years of experience working with CI professionals and vast galleries of examples to share with you.

Download the LEAN Manufacturing Catalog

LEAN visual management boards are vital to allow you to fully implement your CI project and fully engage the knowledge and experience of the people involved in the process.

It is the course often the CI board accessories which bring the boards to life. We offer the full range of document holders, magnetic indicators, custom printed magnets and headers to make your project a success.