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Accessories Categories

Magiboards USA supplies a huge range of accessories to complement your visual management whiteboards. From writing and erasing accessories to paper holders and magnets/magnetic indicators, our range is wide and diversified to offer you the best accessory choices. Custom options are available. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Printed Memo Magnets Faces and Symbols

Magnets & Magnetic Indicators

These products range from traditional colored magnets to funky faces and shapes, so you can really get inventive. Call today or use our contact form for CUSTOM MAGNETS.

Duo Repositionable Document Holders with See Through Front Red Letter

Paper / Document Holders

Whiteboard document holders are great for keeping papers in place and preventing unwanted tampering. Document Holders give a professional look to your whiteboard. 

Whiteboard Pen and Accessory Holder - Midi

Pen Holders & Accessory Trays

Available with magnetic or self adhesive attachments, our accessory holders are usable with all of our smooth surface boards, including our whiteboards, glass & chalk boards.

MagiClean Whiteboard Cleaning Fluid

Whiteboard Cleaning Products

Magiboards’ whiteboard cleaning products are perfect for use in combination with our whiteboards and are effective for problem erasing.

Heavy duty wheels for free standing or mobile whiteboards

Mobile Stand

Most of these accessories you can purchase with you Magiboards whiteboard, and your whiteboard will come fully fitted with the accessory.

Magnetic Whiteboard Tape Assorted

Magnetic & Self Adhesive Whiteboard Tape

All of our whiteboard tapes comes on a roll and can easily be cut with a pair of scissors. Magnetic & self adhesive tapes come in a variety of colors, widths & lengths.