Magnets & Magnetic Indicators

Our magnets and magnetic indicators are great accessories to use in combination with our magnetic whiteboards. These products range from traditional colored magnets to funky faces and shapes, so you can really get inventive. Our magnetic indicators are visual tools, but we also have extra strong magnets that can hold up any paperwork you may need to display on your magnetic whiteboard.

Colorful printed magnets give a professional look and are fun to use. Certainly in a visual factory, they help the users of the boards to take ownership of projects and visually flag to all concerned when projects are going well or need more attention.

All of our magnetic sheets are pre cut using a kiss cut method, simply push the shapes out and they are ready to use. Custom print sheets are available.

Call today or use our contact form for CUSTOM MAGNETS. Colorful magnets give a professional look to presentations and visual communications. We customize all different varieties from dry erasable to printed sheets.

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