Lean Manufacturing Custom Printed Whiteboards

Lean Manufacturing Custom Printed Magnetic Whiteboards play a vital part in helping a company to measure certain metrics. Continuous Improvement makes measurements visual. Employees in charge of the whiteboards take ownership and pride in the results.

There are many different types of custom printed whiteboards, therefore custom whiteboards range from plain black and white grids to full blown visual performance boards with company logos.

We have in-house graphic designers who work with you to create the whiteboard for you and your team. Conversely, our lean visual whiteboards uses your exact specifications. We understand the need to get everyone on board, so we prepare digital proofs for you to discuss internally. There are no additional costs at the digital proofing stage.  The price quoted includes all amendments to the design.

Lean management in warehouses works on the 5S system, which is originally a lean manufacturing process. Lean warehousing strives to do more with less, thereby streamlining warehouse operations

Various Products for Lean Manufacturing

Our magnetic lean visual whiteboards come in all shapes and sizes. We have wall mounted whiteboard solutions and many different fixed and mobile versions.

Our lean manufacturing custom printed whiteboards accept magnetic accessories and are dry erase. We do not use vinyl coverings so there will be no bubbles or dust particles. Because of the process, the art prints directly onto our magnetic coated steel whiteboard surface. This is very important to our Food Industry and healthcare customers because there is no vinyl overlay to gather germs. We offer a 10-year surface guarantee.


Examples of LEAN Manufacturing Custom Printed Whiteboards

  • Lean Manufacturing Custom Printed Whiteboards
  • Kaizen Problem Solving Boards
  • 5S Communication Boards
  • Continuous Improvement (CI) Boards
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Boards
  • Audit Boards
  • Pick List Boards
  • Root Cause Analysis Whiteboards
  • Training and Support Boards
  • Celebrating Success Boards
  • Health and Safety (H&S) Boards
  • Quick Kaizen Whiteboards
  • Workstation Info Boards
  • Production Schedule Boards
  • Shadow Boards
  • and much more

A range of shadow 5S cleaning stations are available.

We’ll design a 5S board with your actual tools and cleaning equipment. Your company logo and colors on your custom board will make sure that all your lean visual communications are part of your company’s branding.

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SQDCP Wall Mounted Whiteboards

SQDCP Wall Mounted Whiteboards

There are various ways to achieve your wall mounted SQDC board. We can take your custom printed SQDCP whiteboard design and produce this for you. Some companies choose to print everything, others prefer to print the SQDCP headers, the Safety Cross and then use our magnetic paper holder windows in letter tabloid size. Alternatively, we can supply magnetic headers on the whiteboard along with your company logos. Our self adhesive paper holder windows will display your information professionally and you will be able to continually improve your whiteboards.

SQDC Whiteboards on Rotating Stands

SQDC Whiteboards on Rotation Stands

The SQDC Whiteboards are available as a standard four sided or three sided rotating board on a fixed heavy duty circular base. As an option, we can install lockable wheels to the base. A fourth display area can be useful to show general information. We manufacture all of the stands in our factory in the United States. Special designs and sizes are available to suit your needs.

Meeting Stations Visual Management SQDCP

Meeting Stations

Our meeting stations are made of magnetic coated steel whiteboards with a 10 year surface guarantee. We offer both standard half height and full height magnetic whiteboards. Meeting stations are double sided, so you can have one side with custom print and the reverse side as a plain whiteboard. We can also do any configuration of print/plain magnetic whiteboard to suit your needs. All our wheels are heavy duty and will include one lockable wheel per upright.