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Industry Breakdown for Custom Printed Whiteboards

We, at Magiboards, break down our most popular sectors by industry. Conversely, the four industries we have experience and expertise are in LEAN Manufacturing, Healthcare, General Planner and Education.

Education: Not only does this include the classroom, but it also includes the many boards we design for the sports teams, including custom clipboards. These boards promote school spirit and unity for the teams. Many teams use their board for announcements, lineups, stat leaders, schedules, standings and drawing out plays. Education Gallery

Healthcare: A big piece of the Magiboards business is in the Patient/Hospital industry. We provide our expertise in Patient Communications Boards. From hospitals, doctors’ offices, and veterinary, we provide custom designs for each industry. Healthcare Gallery

LEAN Manufacturing:  We provide full-service products for this industry that has become so big. CI professionals contact us for Lean Visual Tools and industry assessment. We provide magnets, safety crosses, huddle boards, winged boards, meeting stations etc. We are a one stop shop for everything LEAN. LEAN Gallery

General Planning: Perfect for work environment where there is a need for visual communication. These boards could serve as reminders, notices, job lists and general sales. But that is only the tip of the iceberg.  Record Sales and team goals. Have boards target achievements and much more. Planning Gallery

Many designs we use today are tried and true. We tailor these designs and ideas to each company’s requirements and branding, therefore making every whiteboard unique.

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