How To Clean A Whiteboard

Magiboards whiteboards have specially treated surfaces to enable dry erasable capabilities. To ensure longevity of your whiteboard, and to avoid permanent staining, only use Magiboards supplied accessories on the surface for writing and cleaning.

Cleaning Prior to First Use

Knowing how to clean a whiteboard can help improve the longevity of the product. It is important to remember that your whiteboard was manufactured in a factory environment, packaged with cardboard and other materials, so before first use it always best to clean your whiteboard using water and a damp cloth! For general cleaning, we recommend taking the following steps:


  • Spray the MagiClean Cleaning Fluid directly onto a soft, dry cloth and wipe the board thoroughly.
  • Wait for the MagiClean Cleaning Fluid to completely evaporate, then wipe the board with a soft, clean, damp cloth (lukewarm water).
  • Dry the board thoroughly with a soft and clean dry cloth.


  • DO NOT spray directly onto the board.
  • DO NOT immerse the board or use excessive amounts of water, as the water may enter the board core and can cause warping and/or delaminating.

Instructions for cleaning a Printed Whiteboard

  1. To prevent spreading the marker pen ink, only wipe when it is completely dry.
  2. Only wipe dry ink with a clean, microfibre cloth or paper wiper suitable for whiteboards.
  3. Clean the board daily with MagiClean Cleaning Fluid to maintain good erasability.
  4. NEVER use other cleaning products – aggressive cleaning formulas may cause damage to the board surface. Only use Magiboards supplied cleaning products.
  5. If a wrong type of marker pen has been used on the board (Flipchart marker, permanent marker) immediately clean the board with MagiClean Cleaning Fluid and a micro fibre cloth. If you’re still having trouble removing the ink, write over the ink with a whiteboard marker until it dissolves. Then, clean the board with MagiClean afterwards.
  6. NOTE: Some whiteboard marker pens offer poor erasability. We recommend only using Magiboards whiteboard marker pens.

Maintenance of your Custom Printed Whiteboard

Your custom printed whiteboard should be cleaned regularly in the same way. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the intensity of use and the time that dry marker ink is left on the board. This varies from:

  • Daily: for high usage.
  • Weekly: for medium usage, when leaving annotations on the board for more than a day.
  • Monthly: for low usage when erasing markings within a day.

Avoid wax or greasy substances from encountering your whiteboard surface because this will affect erasability and cause smudging. Make sure your cleaners are aware of these instructions – Pledge is NOT a suitable board cleaner!

Please be cautious with Magiboards’ Whiteboard Cleaner. It is a very powerful cleaner. If you use the cleaner in abundance, it can dissolve the ink in your custom printed board. Only use Magiboards’ Whiteboard Cleaner in small quantities sprayed onto a dry, clean, and soft cloth. Remove it immediately after removing marks and contaminations. Always use lukewarm water after the use of whiteboard cleaner.


It is normal if staining or smudging become apparent. This usually occurs due to ink residue on the surface. Stains are most often due to ink left on the surface for extended periods of time. Exhaust fumes, factory fumes, particles, and other airborne contaminations some contamination. Air conditioning systems can act as a catalyst for such contaminations.

Lukewarm water usually removes stains and smudges as described above. For stubborn stains, use Magiboards Whiteboard Cleaner. DO NOT use acids or alkalis, solvents, ammonia, general household cleaning products or industrial cleaners. These cleaners may contain silicones, abrasives or other compounds that can damage the board. Use of anything other than water or Magiboards whiteboard cleaner will render your surface guarantee invalid.

You should only use “Dry Erase” or “Whiteboard” markers on the board. We recommend the use of Magiboards Whiteboard Markers. Use the recommended Markers for problem free marking and dry erasing on Magiboards Whiteboards. Some other brands either use too little alcohol as a dry marker solvent (e.g. low odor markers) or too high a dry marker particle content (markers that dispense a lot of ink). These may be more difficult to dry erase, as will markers that come to the end of their life and from which the alcohol has nearly gone. Store whiteboard markers horizontally, or, if necessary, with the tips down. Storing markers upright will cause the alcohol dilution agent to sink to the bottom of the marker and may make it difficult to erase markings.


Smudging and staining refers to Ghosting. In fact, ghosting is a different phenomenon and nothing to worry about. If your whiteboard is not entirely clean, the alcohol in the dry marker may clean away any contamination on the surface while you write. After erasing the markings, the clean path may remain visible as a white ghost-like image of your annotations. Making sure that your board surface is properly clean prevents ghosting.

The Magiboards Whiteboard Starter Kit provides all the essential equipment to get you started with your magnetic whiteboard. Including whiteboard marker pens, cleaning equipment and magnets.

Whiteboard Starter Kit

Whiteboard Starter Kit includes:

  • 4 x Disposable dry erase marker pens (Blue, black, red, green)
  • 1 x Pen holder. Space for 4 marker pens. Choice of magnetic or self adhesive attachment.
  • 5 x 1″ Multi colors memo magnets (Red, green, yellow, blue and black)
  • 1 x Magnetic whiteboard eraser
  • 1 x Pack of 10 eraser refills
  • 1 x 9 fl. oz. MagiClean whiteboard cleaning fluid
  • 3 x Microfiber cloths
  • Box: 10″ x 10″ x 10″ – 3 lbs.