Healthcare Custom Printed Whiteboards

Patient Communication Boards

Healthcare whiteboards
Patient Communication Boards are prevalent in the Hospital Industry.

Custom printed whiteboards, for hospitals, are a powerful, functional tool to communicate with patients. Here is a family of dry erase whiteboards which can be used:

  • Patient Communication Boards
  • Surgery and Operation Rooms
  • Long Term Care (to track progress)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Staff assignments
  • Swab boards
  • Bed location boards
  • Staff photo boards

Our custom printed hospital communication whiteboards may simply be communicating with the patient and medical staff. More and more hospitals are now implementing continuous improvement programs.

Lean leaders are now being trained. There is no better way of sharing visual management than on a custom printed whiteboard. Huddle boards and PDSA cycle boards help to deliver ongoing and evolving improvements throughout the hospital.

Our Healthcare Custom Printed Whiteboards is made to your exact specifications. Our in-house graphic designers will work with you to create your custom whiteboard, therefore matching your company’s branding. Because there is a need to get the whole nursing team on board, we prepare digital proofs for you to discuss internally. There are no additional costs at digital proofing stage. Any amends to the design are included in the price quoted.

SQDCP Wall Mounted Whiteboards

SQDCP Wall Mounted Whiteboards

We print your own design onto a magnetic coated steel whiteboard. All we need from you is for you to send us your design. This can be in any format to suit you from a simple picture to an excel document.

Our dye-sublimation printing process is unique and prints directly onto a magnetic whiteboard.  There are no vinyl overlay that can delaminate and bubble.  Our boards will not gather dirt or germs, and the boards are easy and quick to keep clean


Magnetic Folding mini Wing left printed

Wall Mounted Magnetic Folding Wings

Magnetic Folding Wingboards are ideal for areas which are tight on space or if you need to temporarily hide information from public view. A whiteboard mounts to the wall. Two hinged wings, on the whiteboard, can fold out or be closed against the mounted whiteboard.

Double Sided Printed Magnet Faces

Magnets & Magnetic Indicators

Our magnets and magnetic indicators are great accessories to use in combination with our magnetic whiteboards. These products range from traditional colored magnets to funky faces and shapes, so you can really get inventive. Our magnetic indicators are visual tools, but we also have extra strong magnets that can hold up any paperwork you may need to display on your magnetic whiteboard.


Various Product Solutions for Healthcare System

Our Magnetic Healthcare Custom Whiteboards come in all shapes and sizes. We have wall mounted whiteboard solutions, as well as many different fixed and mobile versions. Custom Printed Magnetic Wingboards are very popular in hospitals because the wing can hide sensitive information. Many size wings are available.

Magiboards’ custom printed whiteboards do not use any vinyl covering. This printing process significantly reduces the risk of germs (no dust particles, no bubbles). These boards have a better, longer lasting, easier to clean, dry wipe surface with a 10-year surface guarantee.

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Why Choose Magiboards’ Custom Printed Whiteboards for your Hospital?

We offer whiteboards made with the dye sublimation printing process. This is very important for hospitals because there is no vinyl overlay to gather germs. The ink heats up to a gas and sits inside the surface of the magnetic whiteboard making an easy to clean, smooth surface. Ghosting and vinyl creases occurs on other vinyl overlay whiteboards. This cannot happen with dye sublimation whiteboards.

How Do I Order My Custom Printed Healthcare boards?

You can look for initial ideas in our many examples of hospital custom printed whiteboards, bedhead boards, patient name boards, theatre boards, swab boards, staff notice boards, lean medical boards in our healthcare gallery.

Once you and your team have an idea of what you want printed, send us your design. Let us know if the whiteboard is to be wall fixed or on a special stand. We will help you to work out the optimum size for your custom printed board. Your board design can be completed in excel or another program.

Since there is a price benefit for printing more than one board with the same design, we need to know the quantity of the whiteboards.

We will prepare a no obligation quote for you. On receipt of your order, we will move to the digital proofing phase. Our in-house graphic designers will take your design ideas and come back to you with suggestions based on our experience in healthcare whiteboard industry. There are no additional costs at digital proofing stage. We want you and your care team to be totally happy with the finished design.