Magnetic Music Notes & Symbols (Pack of 4 separate sheets)


Magnetic music notes & symbols are perfect for music lessons, theory classes and GCSE preparation.


Perfect for music lessons, theory classes and test preparation. A set of 4 sheets of numerous magnetic music symbols for use on our pre printed music whiteboards. Each symbol is  ‘kiss cut’ so they are easy to push out and use.

Set of 4 sheets of magnetic music symbols

  • Pack of 4 sheets of magnetic music symbols
  • Each sheet 7.9in x 12in
  • Ideal for all manner of musical tuition
  • Designed for use with Magiboards’ rolling music whiteboards.
  • Produced in thick, black, easy to see print
  • Great as musical fridge magnets too!
  • This is an excellent value and useful item and has many educational uses.
  • Box: 12″ x 12″ x 2″ – 2 lbs.

Sheet 1 contents : 1 off each of:
Dotted crotchet, treble clef, dotted minim, mp, semibreve, a bars rest, sharp, natural, flat, quaver rest, quaver, crotchet rest, ff, semi quaver, p, f, crotchet, bass clef, pp, mf, minim.

Sheet 2 contents :

5 x sharp symbols, 2 x natural symbols, 5 x flat symbols, 2 x bar rests, 2 x crotchet rests, 2 x semi quaver rests, 2 x quaver rests, 1 x accent, 2 x pause marks, numbers ‘2,3,4,3,4,4,6,8,8’ for use in time signatures.

Sheet 3 contents :

2 x Semibreve, 3 x 2 quaver, 1 x 4 semiquaver, 2 x crotchet, 1 x dotted crotchet, 3 x minim, 6 x dots.

Sheet 4 contents :

4 x quaver, 4 x semi-quaver, 7 x crotchet, 2 x minim, 5 x dot (to make any of the above ‘dotted’)

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