Fixed Magnetic Whiteboard on Heavy Duty T-Slot Mobile Stand


Mobile whiteboards on a stand offer great flexibility with your workplace. Fit to a heavy duty metal frame, our whiteboards are double sided with full dry-erasable and magnetic capabilities. The stand is fit with 4 wheels, 2 of which are lockable


Fixed magnetic whiteboard on heavy duty t-slot mobile stand comes with a range of size options to suit your needs. The frame is a 1″ x 1″ profile which is extremely robust. The standard wheels are heavy duty. This is an extremely sturdy stand. The magnetic whiteboard surface is an excellent dry erase surface and therefore comes with a 10 year guarantee. All of our magnetic accessories are compatible with this magnetic whiteboard. This product has two sides with available standard sizes 3ft x 4ft and 4ft x 4ft. Because of our capabilities, the rolling whiteboard is available in custom sizes also. Please contact customer service if you need a custom size.

The rolling whiteboard is in a fixed position and the sturdy stand has four wheels, two of which are lockable. The locking wheels makes the standing whiteboard better able to stand firmly in place when writing on the whiteboard.

Magiboards USA manufactures Fixed magnetic whiteboard on heavy duty mobile stand in the USA

  • Custom Printing Available on both sides
  • Extra robust 1″ x 1″ frame
  • Double sided whiteboard is standard
  • Two standard sizes to choose from
  • Custom sizes available – Contact us for more information
  • Total height of stand is 6ft 4in
  • Magnetic whiteboard in a fixed position
  • Custom sizes are available. Use the Free Quote Form for custom sizes
  • Coated steel quality surface accepts magnetic accessories
  • 10 year surface guarantee
  • Four wheels (Two Lockable)

Designing your own custom printed whiteboard has never been easier! Create a weekly planner, monthly calendar, a health & safety board or a scrum / Kanban tool to help you manage projects and stay productive. Organize staff meetings, production time-tables or school events. The possibilities are endless when creating your own custom printed whiteboard.

Our Magiboards manufactures printed whiteboards using dye-sublimation printing, so all graphics embed directly into the whiteboard surface. There are no overlays, which makes it easy to clean and maintains the full surface guarantee.

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