Magnetic Wingboard on Mobile Stand


Magnetic Wingboard on Mobile Stand are a great visual management tool, with up to 5 surfaces to write on giving you the space you need to design, develop and organize your work. The closing wings are ideal for temporarily hiding information, such as in a school, hospital waiting room or warehouse floor.



Magiboards’ Magnetic Wingboard on Mobile Stand is on a sturdy rolling whiteboard with lockable wheels. The addition of two centrally opening wings gives 5 surfaces to write on. The magnetic coated steel surface comes with a 10 year surface guarantee.

The sizes quoted are with the wings in closed position. A clever discreet magnet inside the framing holds the whiteboard wings closed. The framing is anodized smudge free aluminum.

You can upgrade the standard wheels to our heavy duty wheels which you can find in the “related products” part of this page. If you want the upgrade, you need to purchase both the board and the heavy duty wheels alongside each other and your board will arrive with heavy duty wheels.

The rolling whiteboard on a stand is available with hazard and safety marking if applicable for your needs. You can find this on the ‘You might also like’ section of this page.

Custom printing is available with up to 5 printed surfaces with custom design. Click here to go to the custom print option.

The standard sizes for the Magnetic Wingboard on a Mobile Stand are:

  • 4ft x 3ft (wing size 2 x 2ft x 3ft) width x height
  • 4ft x 4ft (wing size 2 x 2ft x 4ft) width x height
  • 5ft x 4ft (wing size 2 x 2ft 5in x 4ft) width x height

Additional information

Dimensions60 × 42 × 14 in

4ft x 3ft, 4ft x 4ft, 5ft x 4ft

Sides Printed

All Surfaces Printed (5), Central and Inner Wings, Central Panel Only, None

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